Case Topics for Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus Course

Please select any FiveĀ topics from the below Case Topics:

Case of Young girl in Coma
Case of Young adult with uncomplicated DM
Case of Type II DM
Case of Type I DM
Case of DKA
Case of Drug-induced DM
Case of DM in the Elderly
Case of known Diabetic for spinal surgery
Case involving a Decision algorithm for initiation of Insulin therapy in DM patient
Case of Diabetic Foot ulcer
Case of brittle diabetes
Case of Hyperglycemic emergency
Case of Diabetic Nephropathy
Case of Diabetic Neuropathy
Case of diabetes in 1st Trimester pregnancy
Case of Pregnancy-related Diabetes discovered at Labor
Case of Diabetic Retinopathy
Case of Andrology involvement in DM
Case of Diabetes complicated by Essential Hypertension
Case of Diabetes complicated by Dyslipidemia
Case of Diabetes complicated by CAD
Case of Mucormycosis in a Diabetic
Case of UTI with DM
Case of Respiratory infection with DM
Case of Diabetic Enteropathy
Case of Diabetic Gastropathy
Abdominal pain in a Diabetic
Case of Obesity with DM
Case of Metabolic syndrome
Case of Depression with DM
Sleep Apnea in DM
Malignancy in DM
Case of CKD with DM
Case of Thyroid disorder with DM
Case of Cancer with Diabetic medication
Case of Periodontitis in DM