Contributor Guidelines

The Medisys EduTech Medical Education (MEME) unit presents this exciting platform for you to showcase your expertise by presenting case-based discussions [CbD]. We invite you to subscribe to this educational venture from MEME and contribute to our cherished dream of life-long learning! MEME offers short and medium term courses, as well as credit-based CMEs, to practicing family physicians in an online medium of digital education. The curricula are built to lead students to certification with post-graduate programs. This communication is to support you, as the Case Authors, in your contribution of invaluable time to upload, submit and review high-quality CbDs here.

Clinical Case submission 

Case-based scenarios can be submitted in one of the two categories, depending on the target audience, viz.

a. One for undergraduate medical students, who at present are un-initiated in patient care, and unaware of the standardized and universal clinical case presentation; (Annexure 1- CS template)

b. The second category for the medical graduates medical officers who are already into practice or service and have some own healthcare experiences, which can either challenge the content presented or supplement their own learnings from the CbDs ; (Annexure 2 – CbD template)

* The learning experience for the students has to be in tune with requirements of such practitioners, as those who may be public health professionals with very little clinical exposure, or rural health practitioners with limited resources to update their knowledge or aged practitioners who have little stamina to read through volumes of text.

c. Ask yourself

i. How would this case scenario connect with what the student already knows or does?

ii. How would this case scenario challenge the learner’s understanding and his/her practice?

Download the Full Guideline here –>Contributor Guidelines